About Us

Our first encounter with wood was in 1989 in Germany where we started from the most important phase in wood manufacturing - log cutting. After two and a half years we came back to Romania, and in 1994 we set the foundation of our first company SC Nutu SRL, with the wooden houses construction as our activity domain.

All these years we managed to accomplish countless projects from the most elementary ones to the most complex structures and finishing. You're more than welcome to browse through our work gallery.

At the present time, our team consists of 20 qualified professionals with an experience of over 10 years in this domain. Together we deal with every project putting our whole thoughts and consideration in it. We involve ourselves in the finishing and adjusting of our customers' ideas so that the final product will satisfy both parties involved in the project.

We adore challenges and we successfully and professionally manage to accomplish the most interesting ideas and concepts. Our team does not have any standard projects; every one of them is completely unique. We design and plan the most innovative and safe manners of construction, according to the customer's demands.

Feel the Nature Through Our Hands